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Get the Look: Cara Delevingne’s Retro Waves and Bold Brows

September 30, 2014 admin

GLAMSQUAD’S Creative Director, Giovanni Vaccaro and Director of Makeup give their expert tips on how to get Cara’s gorg beauty looks on the October cover of Allure magazine.

“When blow-drying with a large, round brush, lift the roots as much as possible to achieve maximum volume. Make sure each section is completely dry before wrapping in velcro rollers.

Secure each roller with a pin-curl clip. Distribute your sections in the rollers evenly and manageably so the hair doesn’t fall out. Leave the rollers in to set while you get ready or do your makeup — the longer you can leave them in, the better!

“When you release the curls, flip your head over and massage the scalp to eliminate any creases from the rollers and finger comb slightly. If the lines are very defined, use a flat, soft bristle brush and your dryer on a low setting to get rid of them! Use your choice of hairspray to finish and keep some with you to reactivate your volume as needed throughout the day.”

Wash your hair with a light shampoo and conditioner to keep your strands from getting weighed down throughout the day. Spray your velcro rollers with setting spray or hairspray to help give them some grip.

On damp hair, use the Kerastasse Mousse Bouffant for control and volume and massage Kerastasse Life Vertige into roots for maximum root lift. Finish with a medium or strong hold hairspray to ensure the best hold for your blowout!”

“Cara’s look is all about being in the buff and amping up the brows and lashes. Use natural, monochromatic shades of nude wrapped around the eye, making sure to use a warmer tone in the crease and popping a lighter shade on the lid and inner tear duct. Pro tip — use your matte bronzer/contour color and natural tone face powder for this! To get Cara’s signature brows, brush the hairs up and fill in sparse spots with a pencil, such as Anastasia Brow Whiz. Curl the eyelashes and apply several coats of mascara (Clinique High Impact Mascara is perfect) to get a bold look. Finish the look with a natural, nude mouth by adding a touch of your favorite nude lipstick mixed with lip balm. The resulting finish is a cushy, barely there nude pout.”

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