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Red Carpet Trend: Bold, Berry Lips at the 2016 Oscars

February 29, 2016 admin

The 2016 Oscars took timeless, iconic red carpet makeup to a fresh and playful new level. The classic bold red color was replaced by a rich, matte raspberry hue. This striking cool girl pout was paired with a flawless sculpted complexion and poised, elegant eye.

The bold statement lip works best when paired with fresh-faced skin and a subtly statement eye. This striking lip is complemented with a balanced eye to give any look an instant element of rich glamour. Stars like Sofia Vergara, Brie Larson and Naomi Watts showcased matte raspberry pouts and soft fluttery lashes with subtle smoke and smudged cateye liner. Sofia and Brie wore navy gowns, which made the red raspberry stand out.

Our Director of Makeup, Kelli J Bartlett, shares tips to get the bold lip and balanced eye with smoke around the lashline.

3 key steps to create the perfect bold lip: Prep, Paint and Perfect
Step 1- PREP: First, go around the mouth with a concealer that’s the exact same tone as your skin. You don’t want a weird light ring around the mouth if you choose the wrong shade. Follow with a generous amount of hydrating lip primer such as MAC PREP + PRIME Primer, taking care to apply with precision, as the lipstick will stick where you place the primer, smush your lips together to distribute it evenly.
Step 2: PAINT: Pick your pout color. I like a matte color that comes in liquid form so you get 100% full coverage, and I always tell women to oversaturate the brush (try Makeup Forever’s 226 Brush). Use the edge of your brush, so you have more control along the bow of the lip. Opt for a square brush to ensure a really crisp and exact line. For the bottom of the lips, draw toward the fleshiest part in the center. When using liquid matte color such as Hourglass Opaque Liquid Lipstick, you can really get the full coverage you want.
Step 3: PERFECT: Does your handiwork appear fuller on one side and slimmer on the other? Did you miss a spot? Just adjust, even out, and perfect.

Long eyelashes and full brows are key. Curl the lashes and opt for a very clean lash by using Lancôme Definicils. Brows should be ample and borderline unruly! Put down the tweezers and apply several coats of a clear brow gel to beef up the texture. Add small flicks of your favorite brow pencil to fill in sparse spots.

For eyes, focus on soft washes of shadow. Opt for shades of grey, brown, or apricot, and rose tones with an earthy, natural base. Play with the intensity of these tones, placing the darker, matte colors in lash line to create depth. Try extra smoke in the corners of the eye for a very delicate cateye and to give the look extra sex appeal.