The Highlight

Get The Look: Red Eyeshadow

May 18, 2016 admin

Spotted across the runway and red carpet, red eyeshadow is the makeup move of the moment. Especially flattering on green and blue eyes, the look is a unique blend of elegant and edgy.

Our Director of Makeup, Kelli J Bartlett shares her expert tips to achieve red shadow perfection!

TIP 1: Wear the shadow in a metallic and pop it on the center of the lid for a bold statement.

TIP 2: For a fully saturated RED/Scarlet stare, the trick is to be sure to blend it with warm earth tones. Apply the red-toned shadow on the lid and close to the lashline on the top and bottom. Use a small fluffy blending brush to bring a warm brown color into the crease.

TIP 3: For those who aren’t ready for red, pop your favorite blush color on your eye. You can also test the trend by dabbing some of your favorite red lipstick (NOT the liquid matte kind though) on your finger and swiping it back and forth on your eyelid. Use your finger to buff the color into the brow bone. Proceed with be caution: some reds have a tendency to stain! Try swatching on the back of your hand first to test its stain potential.

TIP 4: Try a red lip pencil for liner? MAC Brick pencil has a brown undertone and looks mysterious and alluring when smudged on the bottom lashline.

TIP 5: When “going red,” be sure to let other features find balance. Don’t try and overdo it with full facial contouring and a severe red lip, unless you’re ready to rock a high-fashion, editorial look! Find harmony by sticking to neutrals on the lips (nudes look great!) and adding a touch of the red you used on your eyes to your cheeks. It will help coordinate the look, without making it too dramatic.