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GlamFam Update: Amy Shecter of CorePower Yoga Joins As CEO

June 15, 2016 admin

A note from Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, GLAMSQUAD Co-Founder:

It is with great excitement that I share important news about an addition to our “GLAM FAM”: we’ve hired a fabulous new CEO (more below). I am taking on a Strategic Advisor role and will, as Co-Founder, continue to play an integral role on the company’s leadership team.

So, why a new CEO and why now?

Nearly two years ago, when I joined GLAMSQUAD as Co-Founder and CEO, I was intrigued with the company’s concept and business model. I also fell in love with GLAMSQUAD as a client.  I know firsthand how empowering a good blowout can be and the confidence it can instill.

In a short period of time, we have expanded into Los Angeles and Miami; launched makeup and nail services; raised more than $24 million and built a best-in-class team that serves time-starved women, including high-powered executives, founders, influencers and celebrities.

I have learned that there are different leaders for the various phases of a company’s journey. My greatest passion as an entrepreneur is to launch and develop early-stage businesses. In light of our incredible growth, I knew it was time to find a CEO who would scale GLAMSQUAD off of the strong foundation we’ve built. We met with a number of candidates before selecting an accomplished leader: Amy Shecter.

It is a true testament to GLAMSQUAD that we have attracted someone of her experience and caliber. Amy not only understands the mission and vision of GLAMSQUAD, but recognizes the potential of our future. I am thrilled to have her on board. I would also like to thank Maria Thomas who has been a fantastic leader at GLAMSQUAD over the past few months. She provided a senior executive’s perspective to help us manage through the transition and prepare both Amy and the team. She has been an amazing partner and we can’t wait to work with her in her next role!

And now, it is with great pleasure that I am ready to hand over the hairdryer to Amy Shecter.

-Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, GLAMSQUAD Co-Founder

A note from Amy Shecter, GLAMSQUAD Chief Executive Officer:

Like Alexandra, I too first fell in love with GLAMSQUAD as a client. I grew to become a dedicated fan of the brand, checking in often for new service offerings and following diligently on social media. I kept a running mental list of exciting, cool ideas that I would love to bring to GLAMSQUAD if I ever had the opportunity to work with the brand. Today, I am happy to transition from fan to member of the “GLAM FAM” and I look forward to implementing new ways to help you look and feel your best with GLAMSQUAD as an indispensable part of your “get-ready routine.” Together with Alexandra, we look forward to empowering you to be your best. We have a lot to be excited about and can’t wait to share updates with you soon.

-Amy Shecter, GLAMSQUAD Chief Executive Officer