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How-To: Sweat-Proof Makeup for Summer Weddings

June 27, 2017 admin

Product choice is KEY! Our Director of Makeup, Kelli J Bartlett, shares her expert tips for those sticky summer moments. The goal being to keep that blissful bridal glow to simply a glow (no sweat & shine).

#1. Choose products that work with your skin’s natural oil in order to create a radiant look that will appear carefree and not cakey.

#2. Begin with a lightweight, yet hydrating serum, like CHANEL Hydra beauty Serum, which will keep the skin looking hydrated and plump for 24 hours, and won’t interfere with makeup.

#3. Next, prime the skin with Makeup Forever’s Smoothing Primer, which helps to keep oil at bay, while also filling in pores and texture.

#4. Create a flawless visage by using the Temptu Air with the Perfect Canvas 24 Hour Hydra Lock Foundation, which features a semi-matte finish, allowing the skin to look perfect in person and in photos.

#5. Apply the smallest amount of translucent setting powder to “hot spots” on the face– under the eye, forehead, nose and upper lip– in order to help keep shine at bay!