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It’s Trending! Upside-Down Eye Makeup

August 9, 2017 admin

Spotted all over the red carpet or for a casual-but-cool night out, celebs are playing with the upside down makeup trend. A new take on the ‘reverse smokey eye’ or ‘drop eyeshadow,’ it’s a subtle and low-key way to make a beauty statement.

Instead of the focus being on the lid and crease of the eye, a pop of color is concentrated on the lower lash line. This creates an unexpected, yet chic look, perfect for experimenting with color. Our own Kelli J. Bartlett shares her get-the-look tips below:

“My favorite technique to create the look, whether utilizing color or classic black, is to use both eyeliner pencil and eye shadow because it creates the ultimate high-impact color.”

#1 First, generously line the inner rim of the lower lash line, making sure to wiggle color between the lashes.

#2 Next, apply the liner directly underneath the lash line using your finger or a precision brush.

#3 Smudge the liner back and forth to blend and diffuse the color downward. A good rule of thumb is not to drop the liner any lower than the tip of where your bottom lash touches your face.

#4 Next, using a shadow that matches your liner choice and the same precision brush, press shadow over the liner for total lasting power.

Photo: Getty Images