The Highlight

Celebrating IWD with Women who #PressforProgress

March 8, 2018 Lindsey Schickner

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting a few female power players we admire for their continuous efforts to #PressforProgress. Get inspired by their passion to make change!

Deepica Mutyala, Founder & CEO at TINTED
“It’s time that every child growing up around the world sees someone in the media that looks like them, so I created a digital platform called TINTED to give all the women of “shades in between” a home and spotlight this underrepresented community!”

Q: How do you #PressforProgress in your daily life?
A: “Be on the lookout for an Indian chick in neon yellow eye shadow and a fuchsia pink blazer on TV. Said no one ever right? I know. Which is the coolest part about it all. Things are changing & I think we can all agree it’s about damn time. I saw progress knowing that I was asked to be in this commercial because @samsungmobileusa believes in @livetinted which means they believe in the beauty of diversity, and when a major global brand builds empowering campaigns, it’s a powerful thing. The “Do What You Can’t” campaign is about paving your own path and breaking barriers. It’s a motto I believe in to my core and will continue to live by until we see real and meaningful representation for all the tints and shades.”
Q: What motivates and empowers you?
A: Other amazing women! I am lucky enough to be surrounded by hard-working, smart and inspiring ladies in my life, and nothing makes me feel more empowered then their support and getting to support them right back. I genuinely believe we can all win if we boost each other up instead of tearing each other down, and that is something I practice in my everyday life.
Q: Who is currently inspiring you?
A: Oprah! Who doesn’t love Oprah though? I had my Oprah moment at the ‘Wrinkle in Time’ premiere. It was a short moment, but still one that made me fall in love with her even more. You know what it is? She has this positive energy that radiates out of her. When she is speaking to you, she is only speaking to you. Her mind isn’t wandering. I think her ability to make people feel like their best self is something I hope to do as well. Oprah for President!
Q: What’s your secret weapon for confidence?
A: A bold lip! There’s something about carrying yourself with a bold lip color that just shows confidence.

Kristen Jones (KJ) Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, Co-Founders of Mented Cosmetics 
KJ (left): “At Mented we #PressforProgress by ensuring that our team reflects the diverse customer set we serve. We’ve hired Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and South Asian women across all of our functions – from marketing to software development to distribution – because we know diversity of thought and experience only makes us stronger.” @iam_kj on Twitter

Amanda: “I #PressforProgress by making sure that I surround myself with other women doing amazing things and taking a genuine interest in their lives and their progress. You’ll get that much farther in life by being with and for others than trying to do it all alone.”@prettypensive on Twitter

About Mented Cosmetics: Mented is a digitally native beauty brand targeting women of color. Launched in January 2017, Mented has taken the beauty industry by storm by unapologetically placing women of color at the forefront. The company has been featured in several publications including Essence, Allure, Vogue and Forbes as sheparding a real change in beauty diversity.

Marissa Vosper,  Co-Founder of Negative Underwear
“Negative is truly a brand designed by and for women. In an industry that’s been very stuck in the past, I #pressforprogress by building a brand that’s evolving the conversation with women in mind.”

About: Launched in 2014, Negative has since become known as a cult favorite, disruptive up and comer in the lingerie market. For her work in brand building, Marissa was honored as part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 List of entrepreneurs for Art & Style.

Jill Katz, Founder of JBK Talent (a boutique Human Resources Consulting firm)
“I #PressForProgress by always remembering that “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone”

Amy Shecter, CEO at Glamsquad
At Glamsquad, we’ve revolutionized how women experience beauty. I am passionate about the hard work we do every day to #pressforprogess and empower both our clients and our beauty pros to experience beauty on their own terms.