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8 Expert Tips to DIY the Perfect Blowout

March 14, 2018 Lindsey Schickner

Overdirecting the brush while blowdrying with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is essential if you want to create volume. Hold it 90 degrees above the base of the section. Keeping your chin up, overdirect a boar-bristle brush, using it as a roller. Continuously roll your hair back, and release in a C-shape as you blowdry. You can use the cool button on your hairdryer to set your locks — it’ll be your best friend throughout the process. For added volume, as you simultaneously backcomb at the crown, reach for a rat-tail comb to tease the crown area, but be sure to fully remove the comb’s teeth after each downward stroke.

Make sure to use a nozzle as this creates some distance between the hair and the lip of the dryer, which is the hottest point. The nozzle is key to keeping air flow concentrated — otherwise, it disperses, causing frizz.

Oil will reap the best results when you apply it from the mid-shaft to the ends. You should avoid the roots and pair your oil with a heat protectant in order to get a perfectly shiny, finished look. My favorite protectants are Oribe Foundation Mist and Kérastase Spray Fluidissime, which provide shine and control for unmanageable hair, fine to coarse.

Brushes that are too big make it impossible to create volume. Always opt for smaller ones. I am partial to the Ibiza Boar Bristle Brush for the fullest hair. Ceramic brushes can be easy to use at home, but they don’t offer the amount of tension needed for the optimal volume. Generally speaking, a 2- or 2.5-inch diameter is best.

Don’t start with soaking wet hair. Most people start blowdrying as soon as they get out of the shower. But, you should never start blowdrying a soaking-wet head. It’s essential to pre-dry: Flip your head over to get rid of excess moisture. Before using a round brush, make sure to flash dry your hair with your dryer. it helps to flip your head upside down and lift the roots with your hands.

This tends to be where the hair is most challenging (hair line and cowlicks)! By progressing to the back, you can focus on smoothing out the hairline, which tends to be the frizziest part.

Section, Section, Section! Try not to rush through the blowout.

Ladies with frizzy hair tend to apply too little product to all the wrong places. Make sure to focus anti-frizz serums on the hairline, where you really need it. And, make sure to section hair before applying products like root lifters.

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