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Susanna Quinn Shares her 2019 Resolutions and More

January 29, 2019 Lindsey Schickner

Following Glamsquad’s product launch and a hectic holiday season, our DC Glambassador Susanna Quinn shares her resolutions for the new year and a few of her current favorites, from her go-to workout to her food and drink spots of choice and of course, Glamsquad product obsessions.

See below and get inspired for your own New Year, New You goals and game plans!

My 2019 resolutions

1) Eat healthier food. My diet directly affects how I feel, my skin, my level of energy and my focus. I am working to get my husband and myself on a completely clean diet. The less food with preservatives and sugar that I eat, the better a plain apple tastes.

2) Exercise every day. Core Power Yoga Sculpt. Tennis. Or a walk in the woods with my husband and kids.

3) Read more books. Fiction. Non-Fiction. More books and less screen time. First on my list are Anne Lamott’s new book, “Almost Everything: Notes on Hope” and “Educated: A Memoir” by Tara Westover.

4) Condition my hair overnight at least once a week with Glamsquad’s hair treatment ‘Re-Treat’.

5) Take Fish Oil pills. They soften skin, help with dry eyes and even stiffness in joints. I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins.

6) Write more handwritten notes to everyone and write my husband a love letter every week.

7) Schedule a weekly blowout with Glamsquad. No matter what plans I have, I feel better and happier when I have a good hair day.

8) Develop a new list of chores for my son. Pay him for his jobs and let him select a charity to donate half his earnings.

9) Clear my desk every week. Stop letting papers pile up.

10) Work on taking a pause every day to meditate on gratitude.

What are you looking forward to in your personal life this year?
I have been looking forward to a girls trip to Jamaica for the past six months. We are going to hike, play tennis, do long ocean swims, eat healthy food, drink wine, play board games and help each other keep everything in perspective. It is really important to have a core group of friends who support you in the difficult times and with whom you can celebrate life’s victories.

What are the big upcoming DC events on your calendar?
Randi Levine, Kristin Cecchi and I are co-chairing the National Portrait Gallery Gala in 2019. The National Portrait Gallery is my favorite Smithsonian museum. The collections of portraits of people of remarkable achievement and character are a great lesson to my kids in what they can aspire to be. We have very exciting honorees for the gala – it will be the event of the year in DC! And a busy night for Glamsquad!

What are your favorite new restaurants and bars?
I am really excited about Rose Previte’s new restaurant, Mayden. Del Mar on the Wharf is one of my favorites and nothing beats the patio at Millie’s in the summer. The Gibson is a perfect bar for date night and Chez Billy Sud is my favorite bar to have cozy catch-ups with my girlfriends.

What is your current favorite fitness studio?
Core Power – I go to the Yoga Sculpt classes. It’s a great full body workout and I love to sweat out all the toxins.

What is your favorite Glamsquad hair styling product?
I love all the new Glamsquad products. The Re-Treat hair treatment is amazingly restorative. I apply it like it’s a styling cream, put my hair into a top knot and I feel polished and ready to go out! I also love the In-Between dry shampoo – it works perfectly to extend my Glamsquad blowouts!

Photo: Susanna Quinn, Dana Bash

Over the holidays, I co-hosted a party at my house with Glamsquad to celebrate DC power women. It was incredibly inspiring to be with women who are working really hard every day in their professions and as partners and parents. Glamsquad helps so many of these women to look and feel good so it was the perfect night to introduce the new Glamsquad product line. I am so excited for these incredible products, which we know will make it easier for women to look good while balancing their complicated and demanding lives. And they all smell so good!!

Photo: Candace Ourisman, Kristin Cecchi, Ashley Bronczec, Tara Patten