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It Start with You – Katie of HonestlyKate Shares Her Story

March 2, 2019 Lindsey Schickner

Devoted Glamsquad client and NYC-based lifestyle expert, Katie Sands gives us a sneak peek into her world. The bubbly blogger who always keeps it honest dishes on her favorite products, beauty icon, how she got started as an entrepreneur and what’s next for the HonestlyKate brand.

Who helped give you your start with your blog?

My mom and grandmother strongly encouraged me to put myself out there as not just an actress, but also a fashionista. My grandma taught me how to sew at a very young age. I’d beg my mom for fabric and then make myself clothing, pillows, and teddy bears out of it. Later, at school, I rebelled against my very strict dress code by adding my own fashionable flair to the uniform. I got in trouble, but it was worth it! Then, in college I decided to concentrate on costume design, which merged together my love for theater with my fashion instincts. Add it all together, and HonestlyKate was born.

What gets you started everyday?

Physically – A big glass of celery juice or a spiralina smoothie. I try to set my intentions right before the day actually starts. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, because I hate the jitters.

Mentally – My followers. I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s true. As a solopreneur it took some time to get used to the fact that if something went wrong, the consequences would fall solely on me. I knew I had to be persistent with my goals, and I know I couldn’t have reached where I am today without the help of my followers. I believe in following your dreams, and I also believe in taking advice from others in order to turn your dreams into your reality. I don’t report to a desk or a boss, I report to the community I’ve build #KatesCrew!

What’s your daily beauty routine?

I start every morning with a strict skincare routine, see here on my blog! Then I go into a beauty beat down by the pros at Glamsquad. On days I’m not shooting or filming I give my skin a major break and use just a little concealer under my eyes and over blemishes with Cover FX pressed mineral power for coverage.

Why do you use Glamsquad? 

I swear, Glamsquad makes my world go round. I have a job that consists of continuous momentum and adrenaline where I am constantly on the go go go! This industry rarely stops – in fact, I don’t think it ever does. I don’t have time for myself to do the little things, so having the privilege to have a glam team come to wherever I may be, at any point during the day to make sure I am constantly looking camera ready is EVERYTHING!

What’s your favorite Glamsquad product? 

The In-Between Dry Shampoo! It’s the only dry shampoo on the market that actually works without turning your hair white. Am I right?! You know how every person has a scent?… Well, my boyfriend claims mine in the Glamsquad Dry Shampoo ha!

What’s your go-to Glamsquad look? OR What hair style and/or makeup look makes you feel most confident

My go-to look is a middle part with beachy-bombshell waves (as I like to call it) AND the makeup look I coined is “Kissed by Kate.” It’s a sexy, yet subtle brown smoky eye with a bronzy, sun-kissed faced. When coming out of glam, you want to serve that “you, but better” look as my Glamsquad makeup artist Lucas likes to say, so keep it sexy, natural, fabulous.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received? 

  1. Drink water!
  2. Don’t ever touch your eyebrows!
  3. Be confident – if you think you look good others will too!

What are your desert island beauty products? OR What’s one product you couldn’t live without? 

NARS Laguna Bronzer and Aquaphor for my lips (I’m addicted)

Who’s your beauty icon?

Patricia Fields. She single-handedly created what a New York woman should emulate in beauty, fashion, and attitude. Both in Sex and the City, and now with Younger. One of the reasons I began my blog was because of my passion for costume design, it’s something I studied in college and always had my heart set on. My whole life I acted in plays and musicals, but then I realized that fashion and beauty were two things I also wanted to focus on for my career. Patricia Fields paved the way for me (and so many others) and showed us how to marry the two. She showed us that it’s possible to be passionate about more than one thing. She never takes credit and is always behind the scenes, but I think she deserves major applause!

 In my bag you’ll find…

  1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Mini Wipes – Always changing up my look throughout the day.
  2. Justin’s peanut butter packets.
  3. Raw Rev bars… Yes, I’m always carrying snacks because I’m starving at all times
  4. A million different Lime Crime glosses
  5. Huda Beauty concealer
  6. My Key Wallet
  7. Two different Mophie chargers that are both dead
  8. My moleskin notebook that I don’t leave home without

When it comes to beauty, never underestimate the importance of…

Finding beauty within yourself. The outer layers come later is the cherry on top. One of my aspirations for creating HonestlyKate was to promote a positive image of what it means to be and feel beautiful, and for me, that meant using fashion and beauty to help others develop confidence within themselves. Beauty is all around us, but feeling beautiful is something all women need help with at times, and that’s what I wanted to help others with.

What is the worst beauty fad you got sucked into?

Harsh black eyeliner in college. I looked like a cat, and not a cute one… My freshman year roommate and I would spend hours perfecting our CVS liner on our beds. We thought we looked hot…

If you had a beauty product or look named after you, what would it be called?

‘Kissed by Kate’

If you had superpowers, what would they be? OR What is your spirit animal?

Mind reader – I’m actually very good at this, but would love to hear people’s inner monologues. I guess this steams from my background in acting!

What is up next for you, personally or professionally?

Personally –  I’ll be continuing work on on my non-profit, Kate’s Closet! I can’t say too much about it yet… but stay tuned. Giving and helping others, especially those who really need it, is so important to me — it’s what makes me feel like I’m having a real positive impact on the world.

Professionally – I’m continuing to grow my brand as more lifestyle opportunities approach. I’m at a place where I feel really empowered both personally and professionally, and I can’t wait to keep the momentum going.