The Highlight

It Start with You – Audrey Lefevre – Glamsquad Makeup Artist

May 10, 2019 Lindsey Schickner

Our DC-based Glamsquad Makeup Artist and amazing mom, Audrey Lefevre, gives us a sneak peek into her world with Mother’s Day around the corner. All while getting pampered with hair by our DC stylist Carlos Colares!

What’s your daily beauty routine as a mother?

I use a cleanser soap from Skin Ceuticals and I apply my serum skin ceuticals to correct and brighten my skin. Then I used a moisturizer to hydrate from Skin Ceuticals too. In the evening I remove all my makeup with micelar water from bioderma and then cleanser to remove all the excess makeup. To finish I apply my night moisturizer from Dr Hauschka to calm and relax my skin.

How does being a mother inspire you everyday?

Being a mother changes everything because obviously you are more focused on the needs of your children and not yours. Motherhood brings so much joy! Since I had my children I also use an eye care underneath the eyes for the lack of sleep. 🙂

What’s the best beauty advice you ever got from your mom that you will pass along to your kids?

ALWAYS smile! If you cannot wear makeup or don’t have time.. the smile will do the job!

What are you desert island beauty products?

Mascara! I am blonde with fair skin so if I don’t wear at least mascara, I look sick. Lip balm too because people forget to hydrate their lips and I cannot live without it.