The Highlight

It Starts with You – Jennifer Fleiss – Co-Founder, CEO of Jetblack & Co-Founder of Rent the Runway

May 12, 2019 Lindsey Schickner

Glamsquad client and NYC-based Co-Founder, CEO of Jetblack and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway, Jennifer Fleiss gives us a sneak peek into her world on Mother’s Day.

How does being a mother inspire you everyday?

Being a mom inspires me in my home and in my career. I love getting to experience the world through their curious, innocent eyes and help them dream big. Career-wise, every moment away from my kids has a higher premium so it’s upped my game in terms of making the most efficient use of every moment at work and made prioritization even more important. I also find that with kids, baseline stress level is just higher so you naturally learn how to not sweat the small stuff at work also! I have also found that my role as a working mom has led to inspiration for both rent the runway and now Jetblack as services that help busy women do it all!

What’s the best beauty advice you ever got from your mom that you will pass along to your kids?

My mom told me that being beautiful is about more than looks, beauty and lipstick. She inspired me to find beauty on the inside, and always reminded me to smile – the best compliment to any outfit! I try to instill that belief in my two girls and son as well.

What’s your daily beauty routine and how has it changed being a mother?

It’s become a bit more rushed and always involves some form of multitasking! I am usually doing makeup while dancing to music with my kids or listening to a podcast. Makeup and hair are typically a 5 min routine and sometimes take place in a car en route to a meeting! I get Glamsquad blowouts about once a week and can usually make them last a whole week if I need to!

Why do you use Glamsquad?

I’m a woman on the go, and having a hair and beauty service who can save me time by coming to me and doing many services at once is a huge win. It’s also a form of activity for my kids as they love when glamsquad comes and enables me to spend that time with them also. I get such a high from the efficient feeling of having hair and nails done at once with a kiddo bouncing on my lap!

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I’d be in two places at once, which is part of what led me to kicking off Jetblack. We wanted to eliminate the pain points of everyday life for our members, giving them a personal assistant that could help them accomplish every to-do. We hope taking the chores off of their list gives them more room for what matters most.