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Holiday Hair Accessories

November 19, 2019 Taylor Krupinski

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We are living in a true 90s renaissance, and hair accessories are here to prove it. From your Insta feeds to Fashion Week, hair accessories have dominated 2019 in the best way. 

We’re gearing up for the holidays and a little hair accessorizing is just the festive flair you need to get you through the seasonal party circuit! Here is how to spice up your look with barrettes, scrunchies, and more.


Headbands offer a chic, classic look with minimal effort. Whether you sweep your hair back into a low bun or pony, or place it on top of loose waves, a headband completes any look.

Try this Pearl Quilted Headband or other beaded ones from Zara, or this Red Velvet Headband from Urban Outfitters.

Layering Barrettes

Forget the days when bobby pins were boring, today, we have clips that are garnished with fabulous pearls and gems. Whether you’re wearing three or thirteen, layering them is the way to go. Dress up simple, sleek hair or take over an updo with your clips, and you’ll make your hair the life of the party.

Try this Pearl Hair Pin Set set from Amazon, or these Bejeweled Clips from Anthropologie.


The return of the scrunchie is everything we didn’t know we needed. It’s playful and youthful, but still provides an elevated look depending on how you wear it. Pair a coordinated scrunchie with a low bun, a high pony, or even two space buns, and your holiday outfit is instantly complete.

Try this set of Assorted Scrunchies from Urban Outfitters or this Satin Bow Scrunchie from Madewell.

Hair Jewels and Gems

Spread the love and take your fanciest barrettes farther than your hairline. Adorn the rest of your hair with some flair by scattering them throughout loose waves or a braid.

Try these Floral Crystal Clips from Asos or these Gold Butterfly Clips from Urban Outfitters.