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Relax with an At-Home Spa Night

March 19, 2020 Taylor Krupinski

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Working from home, socializing from home, and doing- well- everything from home is a big adjustment for everyone. While getting into the groove of social distancing, it’s important to remember that you are your own home, so it’s vital to take care of your mind and body during times of stress and change.

Self care comes in many wonderful forms, even if that is just giving yourself more attention and time to enjoy the things you normally do. To help you relax and reset, here are four easy steps to an at-home spa night:

Have a Warm Bath or Shower

There is nothing better than the feeling of a hot bath or shower. The warmth relaxes the muscles, elevates your mood, and leaves you feeling refreshed. To enhance the mood and make it different from your typical nighttime routine, you can add:

Moisturize and Restore

After leaving the bath, towel off and moisturize your entire body before slipping into your robe. Don’t forget to relax and slow down! There’s no rush! Next, it’s time to moisturize your hair. Apply a hair mask, such as Amika: Soulfood Nourishing Mask, and let it work its magic on your locks.


It’s easy to mindlessly rush through routines, but now is the moment to spend some extra time on your skincare regimen. You can get the spa experience by doing a little more than you normally would, like adding some (or all!) of these steps after cleansing:

Exfoliate: use a cleansing brush or chemical exfoliant to get any dead skin you may have off.

Tone: use a toner to remove excess dirt or oil still lingering on the skin.

Replenish: apply any serums you may use!

Moisturize: moisturizing after all of these steps is vital to the health of your skin, try Boscia Cactus Water or Dirty Works Miracle Cream.

Set: Finish it off with a refreshing facial spray, like Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist.

Relax and Enjoy

Finally, the easiest step of them all: slip into your coziest pajamas and snuggle onto the couch with a glass of wine, a cup of hot chocolate, freshly baked cookies, a bowl of ice cream, or whatever you’re craving!