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Glam on Demand

May 9, 2020 Taylor Krupinski


Now anytime, anywhere includes virtual services in your Glamsquad App! Trying to elevate your zoom look, have a Facetime first date or simply hoping to channel that pre-quarantine calm and confidence? Glamsquad virtual services were created to help you look and feel your best through a virtual, connected beauty experience between you and our talented beauty pros. 

This is no standard beauty how-to! These expert tips and DIY techniques are personalized to you. Get ready to own your beauty routine with a little at-home help from the squad.

How does it work?

With Glam on Demand, you’ll be directly connected to one of our Beauty Pros who will talk you through the steps of mastering your skills right from home. With your Iphone, you will see the Pro and the Pro will see you!

Service menu:

Blowout Bootcamp 60 mins, $50

– Master your blowout at home with a full personalized tutorial with one of our expert pros.

Hair Skill Drill 30 mins, $35

-A personalized hair tutorial focusing on 1 specific skill or trend. (i.e. how to beach wave curl)

Makeup Lesson 60 mins, $65

-Master a full makeup routine with a tutorial tailored to you.

Makeup Skill Drill 30 mins, $35

-A personalized makeup tutorial focusing on 1 specific skill, trend, or feature.

Makeup Bag Edit 30 mins, $35

-Revamp your makeup bag with a Glamsquad expert who will help you determine which tools and products to keep, toss, or utilize differently. 

How To Book:

1) Make sure your app is updated! It only works with version 4.12.1.

2) Open the app and click on the Glam on Demand banner on the home page.

3) View the services menu and make your selection.

4) From there, book your appointment the same way as our regular services.

How to Start your Appointment:

1) The day of your appointment, you will receive a text reminder 1 hour before.

2) Go to the app, click appointments, select your virtual service, and click the “Connect to my Beauty Pro” button!

3) Enjoy your virtual appointment!

Any questions? Send an email to and someone will assist you.