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We Are Here to Act: Glamsquad’s Diversity and Inclusion Commitments

June 18, 2020 admin

Glamsquad was created to inspire and empower a community of people of all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and nationalities, with a zero-tolerance policy for any acts of discrimination. 

We are committed to doing our part to promote the positive, lasting change our nation needs. After all, we are stronger TOGETHER. There is no easy path on the road to equality, but know this is just the beginning.

Glamsquad’s Commitments: 

– Donating 100% of our proceeds from our first week after our nation-wide reopening in June to Black Lives Matter and the Black Visions Collective. Glamsquad pledges to match our proceeds from week one.

– Creating a diversity and inclusion committee with a strong Glamsquad Pro representation, as chosen by our Pro community, to ensure everyone has a seat at the table.

– Formalizing and living by our zero tolerance policy for acts of discrimination by way of a code of conduct for clients, pros, and employees. 

– Ensuring our social channels are diverse, welcoming, and inclusive. 

– Continuing to educate ourselves and sharing resources with our community, including diversity and anti-bias education.

– Supporting, partnering, and aligning with brands that share our values of diversity and equity.

For any questions or concerns, contact us directly at