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A Mani Color for Every Mood

August 18, 2020 Taylor Krupinski

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Self care is more important now than ever. There’s plenty of ways to show yourself some love – from small moments of comfort to big ways of treating yourself.

A fresh mani has proven to be the perfect pick me up, and choosing your color can help you reflect on how you’re feeling. For wearing your heart on your sleeve and your mood on your hands, here is an Essie color for every feeling:

If you’re feeling… 


Yellow is the quintessential color of happiness. It represents summer, warmth, and positivity. Rocking yellow on your hands will bring the light you’re feeling to your look for everyone to see!

Atelier at the Bay | Sunny Business | Hay There


Feeling blue? Though blue often represents sadness, seeing the color can actually cause the opposite effect. Shades of blue are found to be soothing and comforting, so it can be the perfect mani mood boost.

Salt Water Happy | Bikini So Teeny | Bobbing for Baubles


If you’re feeling flirty, you can’t go wrong with a cheeky pink. From rosy pastels to bright fuchsias, there is something pretty, fresh, and fun about every shade.

Fiji | Pin Me Pink | The Fuchsia is Bright


Got that promotion at work? Nailed that interview? Feeling yourself lately? Sporting a bold, fiery red will show off that confidence!

Feelin Poppy | A List | Really Red


If you’re looking for a sense of calm and relaxation, a soothing, tranquil green is the color to choose. Green is the color of nature, life, and starting fresh, so this mani will be sure to bring you peace. 

Can Dew Attitude | Come On Clover | Beauty Nap


If you’re looking to make your mani the main focus, try metallics! Not your typical mani, the touch of shimmer and glitter is perfect if you’re feeling bold.

No Place Like Chrome | Sparkle on Top | Semi Precious Tones


Neutral feelings call for neutral colors. Luckily, nudes are among some of the prettiest nail colors, perfect for the minimalist.

Rainwear Don’t Care | Wool Me Over | Wild Nude

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