The Highlight

4 Low Maintenance Hairstyles

September 22, 2020 Taylor Krupinski

On the go? Don’t let your hair slow you down! Here are 4 hacks from our Artistic Director, Giovanni Vaccaro, for easy styles you can do with no tools, no products, no stress:

Sleep-In Braids to Crimped Waves

Glam while you sleep: create 1 or 2 three-strand braids before bed. Secure with a satin scrunchie to avoid creases. Wake up with slightly crimped, cool waves! This works especially well for straight to wavy hair.

Half Up

Tired of having all of your hair up all of the time? This style will keep hair off your face but still feels a little more done with your length left out. All you need is an elastic, a few bobby pins, and a tail comb to create clean lines.

Braided Ponytail

You can rock this style messy or super sleek. If you don’t feel comfortable braiding, take your pony and split it in 2, then twist the sections onto each other and secure with an elastic. 

Stocking Braids to Loose Waves

If you don’t want the crimped wave look, this is the hack for you. Grab your stockings and create 2 three-strand braids (on damp hair) down the sides of your head, with the stocking accounting for 1 section of the braid. Once you wake up, you’ll have the gorgeous loose beachy waves you dreamed about!