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Manicure Maintenance Tips

October 7, 2020 Taylor Krupinski

via Instagram: @overglowedit

Make the most of your mani! There’s more to a long-lasting manicure than a great topcoat. Follow these 6 tips to keep your nails looking fresh in between appointments:

1. Moisturize!

Give your hands extra love with hand lotions that contain hydrating ingredients. The more moisturized your hands are, the longer your manicure will last.

2.Cut your cuticles

Dry cuticles are a big no-no. Use nutrient-rich cuticle oil to help keep nails looking healthy and nourished.

3. File your nails often

Filing helps prevent nail breakage and lets nails keep their shape. Make sure to file in one direction so nails don’t feather and your mani lasts longer.

4. Buff it out

Making sure nails are smooth before polish is applied is key. Buff your nails to get rid of any bumps for a mani that wows.

5. Don’t exfoliate hands

Normally, exfoliating is great. But with abrasive exfoliators, you run the risk of chipping and damaging your brand new manicure.

6. Keep nails protected

Make sure to protect nails as best as you can while completing tasks. Washing dishes? Wear rubber gloves to keep nails looking top notch. 

We recommend manicures every two weeks to keep nails looking their best. Is it time? Make your appointment!