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Friends & Family Sale 2020

October 13, 2020 Taylor Krupinski

Our Friends & Family event is here! Now is your chance to save on your FAVE Glamsquad services, with up to 25% off beauty packages*! These bundle deals give you more glam for way less. Want in? Shop now through October 18!

See the special options we are offering below:


3 Blowouts

Price per blowout: $55    $45!

Package price: $135

6 Blowouts

Price per blowout: $55    $43!

Package price: $260

12 Blowouts

Price per blowout: $55    $41!

Package price: $495

3 Haircuts

Price per Haircut: $100    $82!

Package price: $245


6 Mani/Pedi (excluding SF & Boston)

Price per Mani/Pedi: $95    $75!

Package price: $450

12 Manicures

Price per Manicure: $40    $31!

Package price: $375

Hair & Makeup

3 Blowouts & Makeup Applications

Price per Hair & Makeup: $140    $110!

Package price: $330

6 Blowouts & Makeup Applications

Price per Hair & Makeup: $140    $105!

Package price: $630

Shop here!

*Offer valid towards beauty packages only. Credits cannot be combined with other promotions or transferred to other accounts. Promotion credits may not be applied toward other services or gift cards. One redemption per customer.

Packages FAQ

Why should I purchase a package?

Glamsquad isn’t just for special occasions. Packages are a great way to save money for those who want to make looking and feeling great a regular part of their routine. Glamsquad package credits never expire! 

Do I pay gratuity on packages?

Yes. Although our packages are discounted, the gratuity paid on the package is 20% of the full price of each service. The gratuity is not calculated on the discounted price of the service. 

How do packages work?

When you purchase a package you’re essentially purchasing service credits at a discounted rate. For example, the cost for a package of 5 blowouts will be at a discounted rate plus the gratuity of the full service, the support fee, and tax if applicable. The credits you are given will reflect the full price of the services in your account once the transaction is complete. 

If my package is for blowouts, can I use it towards makeup or nails?

No. All packages are designated for each specific service. If you have a blowout package and book a blowout and makeup, your package will only cover the blowout portion of the service. 

Can I use credits to purchase service packages?

Credits or gift cards can not be used to purchase packages. 

Where can I see how many credits are left in my package?

Your package credits can be found in the ‘Credits’ section on your Glamsquad app or in the ‘My Account’ section on the Glamsquad website. 

On the Glamsquad app:
Tap ‘Account’ in the bottom right hand corner
Tap ‘Credits’ 
You will then see your credits and/or packages

On the Glamsquad website:
Make sure you are logged in. You can do this in the top right hand corner of the page under ‘Login’.
Hover over your name in the top right hand corner
Select ‘Settings’
You will then scroll down to view your credits and/or packages

Can I purchase a gift card or gift package over the phone?

No. At this time we are not able to make purchases over the phone. If you are having trouble with your purchase, please send an email with as much detail regarding the issue to

Why do I have an additional charge when my package is applied to my service?

There are a few scenarios where you may pay in addition to your existing package credits that have been applied to your appointment.

If you have a package of blowouts and book for an updo which costs more, additional credits will be subtracted from your package to cover the cost of the updo. This will leave your package with an uneven amount of credits. When you use the last of your credits you will have an additional charge to cover what the credits did not cover in that appointment. 

If you have a blowout package and book a blowout plus a manicure, only the blowout package will apply and you will be charged for the manicure.