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Eye Candy: Halloween Looks to Wear with a Mask

October 19, 2020 Taylor Krupinski

Halloween may look a little different this year, but it’s definitely still on! Whether you’re having a ghouls-night in or a safe & spooky night out, we’ve rounded up the best Halloween looks that go perfectly with a mask.


These black eye hollows are the perfect bone-chilling makeup look for a scary skeleton.

Mask to Match:

Adult Halloween Washable Cloth Face Mask in Skull from Kohl’s

Euphoria Eyes

Since this year is all about the eyes, it only makes sense to rock a vibrant, studded, glittery eye look inspired by Euphoria.

Mask to Match:

Holographic cotton Face Mask from Etsy


This creepy classic relies on an intricate eye design to make the look, then the mask does the rest of the work.

Mask to Match:

Pennywise IT Halloween 3D Face Mask from MerchUrself

Cool Cat

Feelin’ feline? Try this glam version of your go-to, complete with a fierce face mask.

Mask to match:

Leopard Sequin Face Mask from Etsy


Take a trip under the sea with a dreamy mermaid makeup look.

Mask to Match:

Mermaid Face Mask in Iridescent Mermaid from Etsy

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