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Winter Hair Survival Guide

November 5, 2020 Taylor Krupinski

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Love it or hate it, winter is coming. As you brace for cold weather, it’s important to factor in your beauty routine. Low outdoor temps and high indoor heat can lead to dry, damaged hair. The key to flawless and healthy locks all winter long? Our Artistic Director, Giovanni Vaccaro, gives 4 steps to winterize your hair:

Trim It Up

Even if you’re focused on growing your hair, do NOT choose the winter months to skip a haircut or trim. Dry hair leads to brittle ends, and once the ends of your hair start to split or break, the only cure is to snip them off. Cut your hair every 4 weeks for short hair, 4-6 weeks for medium-length, and 6-10 weeks for long hair.

Use A Heat Styling Protectant

Never leave the house with wet hair, not only would your mom get mad, but your hair could freeze, become brittle, and break. Invest in a product with thermal protectant. Glamsquad’s The Iconic blowout lotion has a heat protectant up to 450 degrees, so you never have to worry about damaging your hair from a hairdryer. Ask your Glamsquad stylist to use The Iconic on your next blowout.

No More Static

As static hair has never been a trend (and likely never will be), what can you do to get rid of annoying flyaway frizzes? If your hair is prone to static, have your Glamsquad stylist spray his/her brush with hairspray and then brush through your finished look. This will moisturize the strands and keep static away.

Glamsquad’s Signature Winter Style

via IG: @giovannivaccaro

‘Tis the season for a big blowout! Ask your pro for Glamsquad’s winter hairstyle which has volume, bounce, and tons of movement.