The Highlight

International Women’s Day – Meet Our Beauty Pros

March 8, 2021 Lindsey Schickner

This International Women’s Day, we show appreciation for the strong, compassionate and talented women within our beauty pro community. 

Below, we share the stories of 3 of our inspiring beauty pros. This marks the first feature in our new series, ‘Meet our Beauty Pros.’ Stay tuned for more stories from our talented hair stylists, makeup artists and nail pros across all of our markets coming soon!

UNIQUE P, Miami Hairstylist

Why did you become a hair stylist? I realized I wanted to help women help themselves. There is a strong connection between women and their hair. Many women are hiding behind their hair. I remember feeling denied of my natural, curly hair and finally deciding to embrace and love my curls. Becoming a stylist, I wanted to help other women feel the same.

What has Glamsquad meant for you? After being a mom for two years, I didn’t know if I could get back into the game. Glamsquad allowed me to reinvent myself. This was my come back album. I never thought I could do runway shows, be a lead, an educator, and Glamsquad made it a reality. I feel like every one of my Glamsquad clients gets booked with me for a reason. One client was getting a blowout for her father’s funeral and while she was trying to keep it together for everyone else, she broke down with me and we instantly connected because my father also passed away. I felt like I was meant to help her through that incredibly difficult moment in her life.

What would you tell the next generation of women? I have a little girl. One thing I always tell her is to never stop believing in herself. I say, ‘No matter how far you fall, keep believing in you!‘ I never truly grasped this concept until I got older, but now I realize, “I am wanted, I am worthy and I am fit to be doing what I want, which is hair.”


Why did you become a nail technician? I love being able to help women who are juggling life, work, children and all of life’s stresses feel calmer and happier with a manicure. I always appreciate making a connection with a client and being able to help another woman get through a tough moment. I love to see that happiness in her face after an appointment.

What has Glamsquad meant for you? I can work and have the freedom to make my own schedule and do what I love. Glamsquad has given me the opportunity to meet amazing women and men and have experiences like backstage at fashion week and working with celebrities that I never could have imagined.

One of my clients had a newborn with no babysitter and she was so stressed about getting the manicure while juggling her baby who woke up crying. I assured her, I’m a mother and I understand, I will wait. She had tears in her eyes, saying she was overwhelmed and going through a tough time. I calmed her down and told her what a wonderful thing motherhood is and to be patient. I always appreciate making that connection and being able to help someone get through a tough moment,

What would you tell the next generation of women? Being a woman, we are so lucky and blessed.

NAOHMIE, NYC Makeup Artist

Why did you become a makeup artist? I was most passionate about the feeling and not the look. There was something magical about helping someone play with color and having them instantly feel more confident, especially as a black woman. I started my artistry career at a makeup counter and my first week on the job, a black woman came to the counter. I couldn’t find her shade and when she asked me what my shade was, I said I had to mix two. The beauty industry is changing and I’m excited to to have people that look like me be a part of that change and feel like less of an afterthought.

What does being a makeup artist and working at Glamsquad mean to you? For me, being a black woman, being raised by immigrant parents, being a plus-sized woman and someone who isn’t shy about style, there are so many superficial preconceived notions about who I am. Initially, a lot of what I was doing in beauty was to change parts of myself instead of enhance them simply because of insecurities based on appearance and weight. Now, what I love about beauty is the opportunity to embrace what you have. Everyone has a unique face. I strive to live freely and fully in the body I have and embrace the beautiful parts of my story.

What would you tell the next generation of women? We are incredibly powerful and so worthy of all the beautiful things in life and the lives we want to create for ourselves. There should be equity for all of us so we can get where we want to be with fairness and compassion. 

I got the word Worthy tattooed on my foot and I believe that no matter the circumstance, where you are and where you’re going, you are so worthy of the life you want. There is so much worth in women and the mothers who sacrificed to get those women where they are.