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Up to 20% off our most popular packages! Save on our signature services and get more of your favorites for less. Perfect for Valentine's Day, NYFW galas or just because.
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      Why purchase a package?

      Glamsquad isn’t just for special occasions. Packages are a great way to save money for those who want to make looking and feeling great a regular part of their routine each month.

      What happens when I purchase a package?

      You will receive an email confirmation once you’ve successfully purchased a package. Your package credits will automatically be added to your account and applied upon booking.

      When/how are tax and gratuity charged?

      Tax and gratuity are charged upon purchase of your package. No need to have cash on hand at your appointment!

      When does my package expire?

      Our packages do not expire and can be used at any time.

      Can I cancel any unused portion of my package and get a refund for the balance?

      All packages are non-refundable.

      How do I know how many package credits I have left?

      Your package credits can be found in the ‘Promos’ section on your Glamsquad app or in the ‘My Account’ section on the Glamsquad website. If anytime you have questions, you can contact us at reservations@glamsquad.com

      Can I give my package or part of my package as a gift?

      Yes, you can gift packages to other people. Simply select the ‘Gift to Someone Else’ option and follow the prompts.

      Can I apply my package credits to future appointments I have already booked?

      Your package credits can only be applied to new appointments.

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